Bruno Reinhart CLAUS
Prof. a.D. , Dr. rer. nat. , Dr. habil. , Dipl.-Phys.

March 27, 1941

born in Halle/Saale, Germany as son of the physicist Dr. Bruno Claus and his wife Irmgard, born Melzer


1941 - 1945

Residences: Halle/Saale; Berlin; Uthleben (Thueringen) and Goettingen;


1947 - 1950

Fundamental School in Goettingen;


Sept. 1950

Family took residence in Straengnaes, Sweden; fundamental school continued there;


Sept. 1951

"Hoegre Allmaenna Laeroverk" (high school) there as well as


1955 - 1959

Music theory lectures and composition by Mus.-Dir. Rudolf Norrmann;


May 1959

"Studentexamen" in Straengnaes, Sweden;


Dec. 1959

complementary exam to the German "Abitur" in Goettingen;



"Musikwissenschaften" (Music Science) at the University of Goettingen, Germany;



Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) of Munich;


July 1967

Physics Diploma there;


July 1970

Promotion to Dr. rerum naturalium there;


Aug. 1974

Marriage with Christina Gruber from Bad-Reichenhall;


Feb. 1977

Physics Habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil.) at the LMU;


May 1978

Birth of son Jannis Andreas;


1980 - 1981

Research at the "Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute" in Vienna, Austria and guest-lecturer at the University of Vienna: "Crystal Optics on its lattice dynamical basis".


1981 - 1983

"Investigator de Tiempo Completo - E" at the Physics Dept. of the "Universidad Autonoma de Puebla" (ICUAP) in Mexico; lectures:

  "The Raman Effect"

  "Electrodynamics with Exercises"

  "Introduction to Nonlinear Optics"

  "Infrared Optics and Lattice Dynamics"

  additional Seminars, and Summer School:

  "Optica y Effectos Raman No Lineales" Aug. 02-16, 1982


1983 - 1984

Guest-Professor at the Techn. Univ. of Vienna, Austria; lectures:

  "Spectroscopic Methods in Solid State Physics I & II"


1984 - 1987

"Privat-Dozent" at the LMU, Munich: "Solid State Physics"; "Nonlinear Optics";


June 1987

Apl. Professor at the LMU: "Physics in Medicine"; "Introduction to Astonomy";


April 1999

member of the foundation commitee of the IAS (Internationale Amateur Sternwarte) on Gamsberg and the farm Hakos, Namibia (www.ias-observatory.org)


June 2004

Marriage with Dr. Renate Brandmueller;


April 2006

legal pension from the LMU;


Jan. 2010

op. 27 completed, see III above;


Oct. 2014 ...

Lectures in "Zentrum Seniorenstudium" of the LMU:

"Astronomy in our Time";

"What is Light";

"The History of Electricity";



May 2016 ...

Astro Tourguide to the Southern Sky for "Sterne-und-Weltraum-Reisen";






Dr. R. Claus

Luitpoldstr. 22

82140 Olching






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